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T h i e r r y    E T H E V E

Thierry Ethève, born in 1969, lives in a rather improbable place in France: an island with a predestined name, where cultures, from all over the world and who met there, began to assemble, to merge. These crisscrossed cultures melt in the present a rare unit on the scale of the planet and whose fragile identity is slowly emerging : Reunion Island.

It is in this unique place, with a soul mixed up but threatened by a consumer society inspired by global models, that the works of this artist in search of universal invite us to take a different look at the existence at all. his scales: from our inner self to the intriguing organization of the cosmos.

Collections "1" (2015-2018) or "Metaphysics" (2000-2014) attempt to scrutinize the world behind appearances and raise, through the notion of chance, questions of a philosophical order. In 2003 "Osmose" (2003) likes to evoke the sensuality of existence. In parallel to painting and drawing, including charcoals and inks from China, many digital and photographic works present an original view of the human being, nature and perception of reality.

Teacher and self-taught, Thierry Ethève draws from his earliest childhood, performs at 11 years his first Chinese ink in the surrealist tone, discovers oil painting in 1993, participates in its first exhibition in 1998 and since 2009 carries out multiple exhibitions composed of many large formats. Member of the National Society of Fine Arts, he participates in Paris salons "Art Capital" and "Carrousel du Louvre".




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