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.  :  :  :      H o m e 

  portfolio Portfolio (english)



"Here, overthere, everywhere.

Now, tomorrow, eternally."





.  :  :  :      E n a i r a     &      S e r i o m



zzEnaïra, anagramme de "Arianne""



zSériom, anagramme de "Moires"

Above : "Seriom and Enaïra"

"Seriom : the spinner of life" (2017) ; installation : panels, mirrors, wires stretched towards Enaira, Irwin Schrödinger's * mathematical formulas ; 450 cm x 250 cm x 110 cm

"Enaïra : one path of existence" (2017) ; mixed media on canvas frame, panels and wooden frame, wires stretched towards Seriom ; 250 cm x 116 cm x 10 cm ; floating wall fixture

*Irwin Schrodinger, Nobel Prize in Physics (1933), explored during his life the links between philosophy and science in a personnal quest for the divine ; he is one of the main intiators of quantum physics

portfolio Portfolio (english)




. : : :    U p c o m i n g


" 1 "

E    X   H    I    B   I    T    I    O    N

2016 - 2018



"Consciences are everywhere, eternal, ONE."


"Méklonès II", série "1" / Thierry ETHEVE, octobre 2014

Acrylic, marble powder on canvas ; 150 x 100 cm





"Cebrenah : l'avènement du cosmos"

Thierry ETHEVE


"Samklahe : la floraison d'un attachement"

Thierry ETHEVE

"Evra : le mouvement d'ensemble"

Thierry ETHEVE

"Udelys : le désir d'abondance"

Thierry ETHEVE



portfolio Portfolio (english)










Life is a cosmos flower